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Drew McIntyre - Botched Leg Drop

WWE News - In 2009, Drew McIntyre resurfaced in the WWE after his failed stint with the company two years ago. Touted as “The Next Big Thing” by Vince McMahon, he went on to enjoy a relative amount of success during his run on television, starting with this riff against R-Truth

Drew has ALL THE TOOLS. He is an amazing wrestler. He has the speed and agility of a much smaller superstar and the aggression and brute force to match his size. He could and should be dominating. He has the passion-you can see whenever he gets a chance to be alone in that ring he steals the show. I think he is very good on the mic and his accent makes him stand out. He has proven he can play the cocky heel vicious heel or even a comedic heel. I know he can do well as a face too as I have followed his entire career on the Indy wrestling scene as well. It is WWE’s fault he is being wasted. Drew has taken to twitter many times tying to get noticed and believe me has fans always rally behind him but for some reason the powers that be keep burying this massive talent. They’d rather us him to put others over since it looks impressive to pin a guy like Drew who is young, hungry and 6 foot 5. It is such a travesty. He was on the right track till the Taryn Terrell incident. I can only pray one day the powers that be will decide to give him another chance.